Because of an incident that happened last night, Larry The Table Guy decided to add a new category to the blog as a place to review the venue its self more so than the food. This review deviates from my usual review of food and revolves more around the fact that Dave and Busters has alienated the wrong bunch of people. They’ve blatantly illustrated how to implement a poorly thought out decision with no idea of the likely repercussions and the negative publicity you can get by alienating a group of 1931 search engine marketers, bloggers, and self publishers who are all looking for something to blog about.  Dave and Busters used to be a great meeting venue for a groups of up to 250 people. If you’ve never been to a Dave and Busters, perhaps the best way to describe it is “a Las Vegas for kids”.   The showroom off to the side was a little noisy but provided a good sound system and WiFi for everyone. They serve fairly decent food but the noise factor in the room, even with the sound system,  is a little annoying.

At our meeting last night, they made it pretty clear that they no longer want our business. No doubt they have no idea what SEO is and the fact that 200+ search engine marketers in these meetings are blogging, texting, tweeting, checking in on Facebook,, and Foursquare. Not to mention some of us pinning pictures to Pinterest about the event and the fact that it’s at Dave & Busters each month. They’ve now said they’ll charge us an outlandish amount ($1500) for the next meeting and had already limited our food choices to about 5 items and won’t let us order off the main menu. There were no vegetarian choices provided. Seems like 1 out of every 3 people I meet in Austin are vegetarians so how smart is that? In fact out of the 6 people at my table 2 of us were vegetarians so they had no choice for food at all.  I only saw 2 waiters in the whole room last night when normally they gave us 5 or 6. I overheard the girl that was taking care of our half of the room say she had just transferred there from the Dave and Busters in San Antonio and was overwhelmed by her duties that night. Due to inadequate service and in respect for my 2 associates that had no food choices, I decided to not eat there myself. I did however enjoy a wonderful dinner a few blocks up the road on my way home last night.

Since Dave and Busters seemingly have no idea of the value of the automatic SEO they receive from this group, I’m sure they’ll have no concern of the negative publicity that the 1931 members of this SEO group can give (and are giving) them.