I’ve always liked to experiment in small skillets so I don’t have so much to throw away. This time I definitely had NOTHING to throw away and left me wanting more. This was a simple spur of the moment creation as a lot of my meals and snacks are. It’s also a “no measure” recipe so it’s hard to go wrong.

I sliced some okra and made a wash from one egg and a splash of milk, whipped together well with a fork. I put the okra in the bowl with the wash, stirred it up and left it to soak for a bit. While letting the okra soak I put about half a bag of Louisiana style fish batter in a zip-lock bag along with a light sprinkling of Cayenne for a little extra kick. Next I put the okra in the bag and shook it all up. Then gently separating the okra from the loose seasoning I fried it in leftover bacon grease until well browned. Turned out really tasty.