I’m very fortunate to live in the geographical center of some of the most awesome “hole in the wall” dining experiences in the state of Texas. Although impressive a recent article by OnlyInYourState.com just don’t do us justice by only mentioning 7 of them. I live about 30 miles from Cook’s Fish Barn so I’ve been there often. I don’t get to San Antonio that often but Lulu’s Bakery and Cafe is probably my favorite restaurant there (excluding Mexican food). LuLu has one of the best chicken fried steaks I ever tasted and the only place I know to pick up a fresh baked 3 pound cinnamon roll to go.

I’m always interested to hear what Bob Phillips (Texas Country Reporter) has to say about about Texas food and I totally agree with what he thinks about Mary’s chicken fried steaks in Strawn Texas. Although Bob started this video with a clip from the kitchen at Neal’s lodge in Concan I was a little disappointed that he didn’t actually mention them in his review.

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