burned-burritoAs I travel around I always search online for the best of whatever variety of food I’m in the mood for. Although there is a lot of value to be gained from marketing on Foursquare, I’ve came to disregard any reference they might deliver about dining out. A good example is this link they sent me this morning. https://foursquare.com/Brownwood/mexican-food. I can say with certainty that I will NOT be celebrating Cinco De Mayo with a greasy Burrito from Allsups or a Baja Fish Taco from Long John Silvers. Neither will I be celebrating at the “Gas Station / Garage” on 377 south where their 2 descriptions on Foursquare read “Sign on door reads No Energy drinks on Lonestar card!” and “Diesel Kleen! Already in the fuel when you fill up!”. The description of Brookshires Mexican Food is equally entertaining “At the end of the dairy isle next to the juices is a section for clearance dairy items. Sometime you’ll find some very good deals. Another interesting thing to note is, what many beleive to be the 2 best Mexican Food restaurants in town are not even on the list. Presumably this would be because they’re in a diffirent zip code just across the bayou in Early. However if you ask Foursquare for Mexican Food in Early, Tx, you get most of the places listed for Brownwood.

Foresquare- You have a long way to go baby.