Today Larry The Table Guy is entertaining out of state guests (Yankees) at the Kobe Steakhouse in Austin. At Nootime on Sunday we were promptly seated by a courteous and knowledgeable host. Orders were taken promptly and soup and salads were delivered almost immediately after. The cook/entertainer showed up just seconds later did a little knife and spatula juggling then started the first pyrotechnical demonstration of the show. He started his cooking with a mountain of fried rice, then followed with another mountain of vegetables. Periodically he invited diners to let him toss a morsel of food from the end of his spatula into their mouth from about 6 feet away. As food was prepared in stages I had a plate full of Veggies and rice before my perfectly cooked ribeye made it to my plate. Luckily I’d been grazing on that a little as I watched the rest of the show or there would have been no room on my plate for the delicious ribeye. Really tasty food and pretty good entertainment. Total cost for 5 people including tip, $120.00. Compared to other Hibachi restaurants I’ve visited I would say this was a little above average food for the price.