I didn’t always like guacamole. It would be more accurate to say I didn’t always know I liked guacamole- it’s just something I never had growing up. When I first met my wife that’s the first of several new foods she introduced me to. It immediately became on of my favorite foods and I usually order it when available. It comes as a pleasant surprise that McDonalds is test-marketing guacamole burgers in several states and hopefully they will work their way into Texas. I remember there was a restaurant called “Julep’s” in Laredo Texas back in the 80’s and 90’s that served me the first guacamole burger I had ever seen. At that time we were making yearly pilgrimages to Laredo and Nuevo Laredo and we always looked forward to guacamole burgers at Juleps.guacamole-burgerIt would be safe to assume a Big Mac Guacamole Burger will be a tasty addition to Mickey D’s menu but it would be even safer to assume that it will not look as good as the picture they’ve provided in their news release. They never do. I can’t help but feel like there might be some sort of “truth in advertising” law violated with much of today’s product photography. On one occasion a few years back, Jack-In-The-Box had just introduced a new burger. I don’t recall exactly what it was but the advertisements were depicting a wonderfully overflowing mass of meat, veggies, and sauce on an overly generous bun. It looked so good I thought I’d ask Siri where the closest Jack-In-The-Box was. She replied it was in Stephenville, About an hour drive from Brownwood. It was a pretty uneventful Saturday afternoon when we saw the commercial and on the spur of the moment Linda and I decided to drive to Stephenville and have one. The windows of the restaurant and the walls inside were adorned with the same wonderful depiction of what we’d been anticipating during the drive over. When we got to our table with the sandwiches and opened them up we thought we got the wrong order. I even took them back up and told the clerk we had ordered that (pointing to the picture). She replied “Yes Sir. That’s what that is”. I haven’t really trusted any product advertising since then.