Mi Familia is one of the more enjoyable restaurants to visit in Central Texas. Coming south on US 377 from the Metro-Plex area it will be the 1st notable stop as you officially enter the Texas Hill Country. It’s one of those places that always seems to have a decent crowd even though it doesn’t have a website, or email, or an on-line menu, or even an official Facebook page. In spite of that, Mi Familia patrons have created their own page with 250 fans and there have been almost 10,000 check-ins there. In my opinion that should tell you a great deal about the quality of the food they serve.

As with most Mexican Restaurants in this part of the country a basket of chips and hot sauce very quickly appears on your table. Mi Familias’ hot sauce is usually pretty consistent and it’s fairly mild so the wonderful flavor of roasted peppers is easy to enjoy.

My wife’s favorite dish there is the “Street Tacos” and I have them occasionally myself. If the picture looks a little lop-sided it’s because I had to photograph it quickly and sideways from across the table before she dug in. Having traveled a bit in Mexico, back in the days when it was safe to do so, the flavor of these tacos reminds us a lot of the tacos we used to buy off the top of a hot 55 gallon drum where they cooked them in the markets down there. I’ve not found that subtle mixture of spices (whatever they are) anywhere else in the States. If it’s your first visit to Mi Familia I’d definitely recommend trying these.

A few years back I suddenly developed a strong attraction for anything with spinach in it. Mi Familia has more than one plate with spinach as one of the main ingredients and I usually have one of those. Tonight I had the chicken and spinach quesadilla. These are flower tortillas filled with cheese chicken fajitas, and spinach, then folded and lightly and perfectly toasted to a slight crunchy outside. Most restaurants serve quesadillas that are just dripping with the oil or butter they were fried in. These appear to be dry toasted or at any rate, very little oil used. The plate comes with a generous portion of shredded lettuce and guacamole garnished with a tomato wedge and an onion slice.

All in All Mi Familia serves a great meal for the price. 2 dinners 2 beers, 1 ice tea, (oh and 2 pralines to go) $38.10 +tip.