So you’re one of those dainty eaters that use a knife and a fork when eating pizza? If you are you’ll love this contraption. We’ve all seen and used “Sporks” at one time or another. You know, those handy little plastic utensils that are a fork and spoon combined. Now we have a contraption that could for all practical purposed be called a “Nifork” There’s a standard pizza cutter built into this fork complete with a guard to keep you from cutting yourself. The extra long stainless steal device makes it easy to slice your pizza and eat it with the same utensil.

That being said, The device seems very difficult to actually find one to buy. Several references refer to prices around $5.95 each but lead to unavailable web pages. The manufacturer of the device seems to beĀ  a company called Innoprousa but a link to the product says call for prices. From reading the description on the packaging I would place this item in the “Pratical Joke” category more so than the “Practical Gift” category.