I’m not what you would call a “full time” coffee drinker but I do really enjoy a cup or 2 first thing in the morning. A couple of years ago and against my better judgment, I talked myself into trying Starbuck’s Plus 2X caffeine and I’ve had sort of a love/hate relationship with my “morning Joe” ever since. I had never sipped on more than 3 or 4 cups of Starbucks in my life because I don’t support their radical far-left policies or their exorbitant prices. I have no problem driving right past a $3 a cup Starbucks for a 75 cent cup of truck stop coffee. And I’ll have to admit, I find nothing but amazement every time I go into our local United grocery store and observe the line of people waiting to buy Starbucks overpriced brew. IMHO, their coffee just “ain’t that good”.

However, this 2X caffeine thing with their k-cups did a little bit to level the playing field as far as values go. Their cost per pod ($0.81 at Walmart) is roughly $0.28 above the cost of other major brands. With one cup of Starbucks equaling 2 cups of Folgers, I was still coming out around $0.30 a day cheaper with the same wakeup call.

Then about a week ago there it was- sitting side by side with the Starbucks Plus k-cups inside Walmart- Community Coffee 2X Caffeine. I had to try it and I found it has a similarly bold and robust flavor with the same extra punch of caffeine as Starbucks. So now my morning sips are much more content and fulfilling knowing I’m not supporting my “least favorite” coffee shop anymore.