Today I took a late lunch and tried out the newest fast food restaurant in Brownwood. The Golden Chick opened last week with modest fanfare but has been enjoying great crowds ever since.
I had the 4 piece tenders with 2 regular and 2 spicy, $6.13 with tax. The regular was pretty tasty but the spicy was just regular with to much cayenne sprinkled on it. The pieces were generous and too large to accommodate the small portion of white gravy that came with them. The side of cole slaw was equally small. The meal came with a huge yeast roll but only 1 tiny tub of butter and 1 squeeze pack of honey. I’m used to half size rolls and double the butter and honey at KFC.
All on all I’d say it was worth the 6 bucks and the free “build your own” ice cream cone was delicious. Also, a toothpick dispenser was present near the condiments. Quite unusual for a fast food restaurant.