Image: MarcoBrusa

If you think you have to wait for a long time for pizza, just be thankful that you didn’t have to wait 18 hours like for this one. But result is worth it: a new Guinness World Record for world’s longest pizza!

For the 2015 world fair in Milan, Italy, sixty pizza makers came together to cook a sizzling margherita 1,595.45-meter long (that’s nearly a mile-long!) The pizza was made using over two tons of tomato sauce and half a ton of mozzarella cheese, and stretched over 800 tables.

Photo: Olivier Morin/AFP

After the pizza was declared as world’s longest, it was fed to over 30,000 fair visitors, and donated to a local food bank.

So, just how does one cook a mile-long pizza? With moving oven of course